Friday, January 08, 2010

Eagles @ Cowboys Preview II

My preview from last week still stands. Which team shows up? I really think I'm the definition of a fan (aka fanatic), because I think they'll win tomorrow all evidence to the contrary.

I have read/heard nothing since last Sunday's game (see Fake Life post for more on why) so I have no comment on whatever's being said by the talking heads. I can guess though.

Here's what I think:
1) None of us has ever been a part of an NFL team so really have no idea of the mental makeup or what either team is emotionally capable of.
2) OK, the past is a good predictor of the future:
- Reid has won more playoff games than he's lost and never lost his first playoff game.
- Wade Phillips is 0 for 4 in playoff games.
3) I'm going to watch the game and it will probably be 3 of the most painful hours of my life no matter whether the Eagles win or not. I'll enjoy every minute of it. And they'll probably win just to set us up for a bigger gut punch down the line.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I also think the Eagles will win Saturday. I plan to eat a good meal, open a special bottle of wine, light the fire, put on the slippers, and enjoy the evening. I'll have dun as long as the Eagles give an honest effort, regardless of the outcome. On balance, this had been a fun season. We're in the playoffs and it's time to enjoy the final chapters.

Let's go Eagles!!

Ed Wade

9:40 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Phillip I will tip my enormous hat to you (my head is huge, like Charlie Brown huge so that is a lot of tipping)-you make lemon ade when life deals you lemons. You never get too high or too low. You are the definition of passionate, loyal fan. Gotta love you for that man.

And I will try to believe too. I want to believe. I need to believe. We will know all we need to know by the first series. If they receive and can at least move the chains a few times, that is a good sign. If they can not get gouged in the running game and actually show some desire and hit a few people, that is a good sign. I will know by 13:30 on the clock what kind of night we're in for. I hope the answer is magical.


10:15 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Bumble, despite the inability to score last week, the defense is still my bigger concern of the 2.

8:36 AM EST  
Blogger David said...

Mine too! Dallas O line bitch slapped them last week. You don't just wake up and become more talented. That wasn't a case of wouldn't, it was a case of couldn't.

I hate to say this, but clearly Dallas has been the best drafting team in the division the last few years. Felix Jones=stud, Jenkins=stud, Spencer (who should be a Bird)=stud, depth=better than adequate. Couple that with speed and talent at every level and I truly think Dallas is the single most talented team in the playoffs. I am not saying best team, I mean on paper pedigree, they have more great athletes than any other team. Winning this game would be a pretty big upset, but if they can just stay in the game early and generate some points, they can get into Tony's head and make him doubt. To me, this will be their biggest obstacle to advancing including an SB matchup. Philly matches up very poorly with teams that can smash mouth them up front on both sides. They're built to stop teams like themselves.


9:41 AM EST  
Blogger David said...

Incidentally in my heart I don't think they will win this game. I saw them play intimidated last week and that won't go away in 6 days. I see a closer game-24-13ish, but not a W. I hope I am wrong, but their D isn't good enough and their play makers looked shell shocked.


9:42 AM EST  
Blogger David said...

Why did we get rid of Dawkins again? I know he isn't elite Dawkins anymore, but he had a great season in Denver, was widely recognized as the leader of that entire team, and he is better than anything they currently have. This guy should've retired an Eagle and I will wear my 20 jersey in protest again this Sunday.

Incidentally it's always kind of funny to look at a fat former DL wearing a D Back jersey. if I had my own name on back, then it would truly be magical.


9:44 AM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

They got rid of Dawk because he was a liability against the pass. I only saw him against PHI this year, but he didn't look elite to me.

Keep your chin up, Bumble. Any Given Sunday!

1:13 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DL on the Bengals, the guy with all the hair, may be the worst player in the NFL. He's a total stiff.

Ed Wade

6:47 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

1 quarter down, 0 passing yards for your 11 year QB. Way to show up fella!

And Samuel can't cover nanone one on one. No one elite anyway.


8:43 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Dawk may not be elite, but he is waaaaaaayyyy better than any safety they have and any leader they have. I'd like to think he'd choke Don out for not showing up on consecutive weeks so Kolb or someone with a set of balls could lead the team.


8:44 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

My prediction is wrong. I understated what the Boys were capable of.

Wow is this a grotesque mismatch of speed and talent and heart! I amy shut this off.


9:49 PM EST  
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