Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playoff QB Performance

It strikes me as interesting that the following QBs were unable to win even a single playoff game this year:

Tom Brady
Carson Palmer
Aaron Rodgers

So obviously they all suck. Obviously, they can't win the big game (or in Brady's case anymore). Obviously, it would be quite silly to think that any team led by any of these 3 QBs next year could have even a slim chance of winning a Super Bowl.



Blogger David said...

1. Brady is coming off major knee surgery and was never himself all year. That said, his defense gave up 5-6 yards per rush in that playoff game.

2. Palmer is waaaaaaayyy over-rated. never won a thing. i concur they will never win with him at the helm.

3. Rogers put up 45 points and lost. Not sure you can say he didn't hold up his end of the bargain to advance.


9:05 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

It doesn't matter what numbers they put up. They couldn't win the big game. And Brady's knee surgery was over a year ago. Puh-leeze.

10:07 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

If you are trying to make a comparison to Don, it is not a very good comparison. 1 guy has 3 rings and 1 guy threw for over 400 yards and scored 45 points, two things that he did not do. Carson is probably a more valid comparison as he played a sub par playoff game as well.

And you know what i think, I think Don could go to the right team and win the SB because it would be a team that is a QB away that doesn't cram him into a system that he is inept to run. His touch and short passes are the weakest part of his game and Reid has squeezed him into that system for 11 years. Put him in Minnesota or even a place like San Fran where they'll establish a running game and allow him to throw downfield and bring an able defense and he will thrive. I like Don. he deserves better than what Andy will ever give him. Time to move on and get a weaker armed but more precise QB to run this offense which I hate.


8:53 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

It doesn't matter what numbers they put up. They couldn't win the big game. And Brady's knee surgery was over a year ago. Puh-leeze.

in case no one has noticed, belichick and brady haven't done squat since they had their tapes of everyone's defensive calls taken away.

brady's recovering from an injury, i know, but neither the pats nor brady have been quite as otherworldly since they had their teacher's edition snatched.

just sayin'

9:52 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

And you know what i think, I think Don could go to the right team and win the SB because it would be a team that is a QB away that doesn't cram him into a system that he is inept to run.

i think that's a huge point, bumble. looking back on this era of eagles football, i think one of my biggest takeaways is unfortunately that andy and don were a hopelessly mismatched pair.

mcnabb is not built to be worst coast offense qb, and he's not quite good enough to be in a pass-only offense.

if he'd been with a more traditional offensive coordinator or if andy had gotten a qb who was a little more accurate with the short ball, it could have been a completely different story. sigh.

10:47 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Peyton Manning is freaking good. I just need to say it. the guy is a once in a lifetime talent. Maybe it is unfair to compare Don or any QB to him. He is so smart and recognizes what every player should be doing and what the defense is doing. He systematically destroyed the Jets in the second half. It was read and respond and the Jets were hopeless. The guy is ridiculous, possibly the best ever due to his skills and game smarts. It is not fair to compare Don to him any longer. It is almost not fair to compare other great QB to him-Brady, Montana, Elway. I think he is that much better than anyone else. It's uncanny what he can do.

Just one guy's opinion, but he makes a lot of very good defensive coaches look awful.


9:45 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



12:22 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

DeSean got paid yesterday. Don looked like a 32 year old guy who can't play as well as he used to. trent Cole looked really tiny when compared to other big guys, like Matt Schaub.


10:57 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Bumble, was that a ProBowl review? I didn't see.

5:56 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

The Pro Bowl is such a waste of every single player's and fan's time...except DeSean Jackson. Dude was pretty sick all day.


7:34 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anybody imagine what we would do to 5 if he threw a super bowl pick 6 like Manning did last night. Youch !!!!

1:05 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Bumble:

What do you think about calling an onsides kick when you think you see something now? I think you could argue that NO won a Super Bowl by making the call you pillared Reid for a few weeks ago.

Just saying...

7:07 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Everyone loves that call...except for the fact that it was a stupid call. Had ex Eagle/current turd Hank Baskett not dropped the ball that him him square in the hands, you give Peyton Manning the ball at the 50. Game over. Did it help the Aints? No doubt, but never should have worked had an NFL WR caught that ball.

Manning threw a big pick. No ifs ands or buts that was costly. His guy did not seem to run the right route as the ball was thrown to a spot.

In the end does it matter? So you're trying to compare him and Manning? Maybe if Pierre Garcon hadn't dropped a key ball that hit him in the hands. Maybe if Jim Caldwell wasn't exposed as a complete fraud with his inability to adjust, maybe if the Colts actually played some D, the outcome would've been different. I'll still take number 19 1000 days out of 1000 over that stiff we have at the helm.

Bigger picture is beign missed. Hopefully all Birds fans on this site watched that game and said "wow! We are really far away. We don't have a QB who can play under pressure like this, we don't have an O line that can block like this, we don't have a defense that can make these plays, and we don't have a coach who can be creative and make in game adjustments". The Birds are not close to that level of team. For an organization that touts itself as the gold standard, they look pretty brassy to me.

Cannot believe that there is an implication that Manning and McNabb are in the same QB galaxy. they are not.


1:33 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

One of the most dynamic players in Birds history gets sent to pasture and not one post commemorating what B Wes was? Odd.


9:41 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my favorite all time Eagles. If he's not injured for the Carolina championship game - we go to the superbowl that year. He's a HUGE part of the reason that Dmac and Andy's winning percentage is what it is.
Love that guy


1:01 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

He was an amazingly dynamic weapon who made Sundays fun for the past 8 years. I am gonna miss him big time, but I hope he walks away head held high and moves into bigger and better things.


10:43 PM EST  
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